Jun 14, 2024 @

MPE Berlin

Together with Galit Shani-Michel, Bono van Nijnatten and Francesco Burelli we’ve discussed the potential and implications of AI and other technologies for the merchant & payment ecosystem.

Below are some of my remarks from the panel:

AI is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, we leverage it in our marketing efforts to enhance excitement and efficiency, utilize it in IT development, and naturally integrate AI tools into our cybersecurity measures. However, AI can also be perilous – depending on the data it’s fed, it may produce nonsensical outcomes. The ability to distinguish between these two aspects is essential.

Nonetheless, we must brace ourselves for the AI revolution. At G2A.COM, every department is mandated to adopt at least one artificial intelligence tool quarterly and evaluate its effectiveness. Sharing AI knowledge across the organization will be vital in the coming years.

The competitive landscape has never been more intense. Payment companies and merchants vie to get closer to clients, often collecting extensive personal data. At G2A.COM, we maintain that humans are at the heart of the process. A prime example is our dispute and chargeback process, empowered by Justt AI tools, which has boosted our success rate by 30% and freed up our support team for other critical tasks.

Before implementing AI within an organization, it’s crucial to focus on the specific problem you aim to solve, define it broadly, and then commence the implementation process. Remember, less is more – take measured steps. Avoid the temptation to adopt every AI tool on the market. Ethical considerations are paramount; engage with your team, seek their opinions, and address any concerns.

Let’s not lose sight of the fact that behind every technology lie people. This is a race – many bad actors will exploit AI against us. And finally, stay pragmatic.

Damien Perillat

Damien Perillat Senior Director & General Manager France at PayPal

It’s rare that you come across standout entrepreneur like Bartosz. As the GM of PayPal in Central and Eastern Europe, I had the pleasure of partnering with Bartosz for over two years. During that time Bartosz and the founding team went from Zero to One, building from scratch a leading marketplace in the gaming industry, bringing innovation and convenience to thousands of consumers across the globe and assembling a best-in-class team. A true leader, Bartosz gets things done by enabling talents at all levels and coaching people to reach their full potential. Bartosz is a great business partner and definitively someone you want to spend time with.

Wladyslaw Ortyl

Wladyslaw Ortyl Marshal of the Podkarpackie Region

Podkarpackie Region is a highly innovative region oriented on economic development and social well-being of its citizens. G2A.COM managed by Bartosz Skwarczek, implements numerous initiatives and projects that perfectly fit into the development strategy of our economy and the entire region. I came to know Mr. Skwarczek as an experienced coach, motivator and above all, one of the most committed and ambitious entrepreneurs in our region. It is here in the Podkarpackie Region where he established his company, which was soon after recognized as one of the fastest growing global marketplaces for digital products, and where G2A PAY, an international leader in the payments field, came to life. Mr. Skwarczek;s positive approach to and involvement in the development of the “meetings industry” in the region manifests itself through his close cooperation with the Congress & Exhibition Centre of the Podkarpackie Region, which was given the name G2A Arena.

Pawel Miller

Pawel Miller CEO NordStar Capital

Bartosz is one of those few persons you meet in life that leave a life-time impression.
He is focused and disciplined yet not self-centred, patient yet efficient, professional yet friendly. Great person and great business person – someone you would gladly invest in the project with and go on holidays together. He achieved a lot, but his focus, competencies, people’s skills and business acumen will take him places. Great friend and valued business partner.

Andrzej Debiec

Andrzej Debiec Partner at Hogan Lovells LLP

Bartosz is an extremely creative and determined owner and CEO.He is excellent in recognizing market trends and conditions. He knows all about gaming and digital products business. For him the world is not enough.

Ryszard Chmura

Ryszard Chmura President at BNI Poland and PromoHolding

Bartosz is a true leader and a very goal oriented person. He can motivate others to growth, and help them on the way to the top!

Mateusz Grzesiak

Mateusz Grzesiak Educator, Psychologyst, Entrepreneur, Writer

Outstanding businessman, visionary, leader. Loyal, trustworthy friend. Top league of management.